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LifeSmart Fast Airflow 250-Watt 10 in. x 22 in. Electric Portable Dryer

The Lifesmart Fast Heat Air Dry Glove and Boot Dryer is great to quickly warm and dry winter boots and gloves. This compact but powerful heated dryer features 4 ports and 250-Watt of heat to dry things quickly and effectively. Use this dryer all year as it is great for other things like baseball, golf and ski gloves as well as hiking and ski boots. One of the best benefits of this dryer as that you will extend the life of your boots, gloves and sports equipment by removing sweat and moisture quickly. This prevents material breakdown. The unit feature a 3-hour shut off timer so you can set it and forget it. The 4-ports are quickly removed for easy storage. Keep your boots and gloves dry all year long with the Lifesmart Fast Heat Air Dry Glove and Boot Dryer.

  • Safe for all types of footwear including canvas sports shoes
  • 4-ports allow for boot and glove drying together
  • 3-hour shutoff timer
  • Ideal for year round use
  • Adjustable dryer tubes extend up to 16 in.
  • Powerful, silent, thermal action sends warm air circulating through footwear/glove removing wetness and odor while preventing boot/shoe/glove damaged
  • Prevents boot and glove damage by removing sweat and moisture

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