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Tamagotchi Mini, Translucent Purple And White

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Tamagotchi with a smaller version of the original digital pet you love! Feed it, clean up after it and just take care of it! It's that simple. Includes the CR2032 battery and attaches to your bag so it goes everywhere!
Tamagotchi, Translucent Purple:

  • Original digital pet
  • Feed it, clean up after it and take care of it
  • Transparent blue Tamagotchi with yellow buttons
  • 6 different styles matching the original Japanese Tamagotchi looks
  • Can turn sound on/off
  • Comes with 1 Tamagotchi on a chain to take with you everywhere
  • Battery (CR2032) included
  • For Ages 8+ (including you Millenials)

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